Choosing Priority

Choosing Priority(plus Looking Back to Quarter of This Year)

There’s a big change in my life after my wedding on 6th of March. It’s already two months now and we are still getting through up and down phase. Absolutely, it’s not easy. I’ve cried so many times, we have ‘little fights’, maybe we hurt each other accidentally, too. But somehow we always manage to work it out, because we know it really worth the try. (Sounds cliché, but trust me, it’s true :))

And, yeah… there are days I felt so tired (accurately, exhausted) and don’t know what to do or feeling so lazy to do things I must do, meanwhile there’s so many things I have to do. Is it complicated, isn’t it? Hahahahaha….

Therefore, I decide to make a list (oh, I do love make a list *wink) to point out things I really have to do and things I wanna do but not so necessary (for me). So, I will have a clear priority list to guide me day after day.

Read ‘Light’ Books. And what I mean by ‘light’ is the pages not so thick (maybe about 200 p.) and have an enchanting and pleasing theme like romance or light fantasy. Currently, I read Ingo series by Helen Dunmore and Rumah Tangga Surga by Ikhsanun and Fufu, but my reading pace is soooo slow and it makes me feel terrible. So, for the rest of the month, I choose to read Love Theft and Purple Eyes by Prisca Primasari which is the newest books I purchase. Maybe I will add Just One Year by Gayle Forman and Berlabuh di Lindøya by K. Fischer too, if there’s enough time.

Make Story Idea List and Write Them Down. I also feel terrible for not writing story or flash fiction this week and week and week ago (such a long time, right?) I don’t know, but for now, real life is so consuming me and dragging me from my heavenly fantasy life. I think I need strong determination to push myself to write again. Because, really, writing is my life and always makes me feel alive. Anyone can’t take it from me.

Write (min.) Two Book Reviews and Think About Adding Feature(s) for My Blogs. Yeah, you know, my book blog (and maybe this blog, too) is pathetic and I feel very ashamed about it. The design still so simple and there are no another feature except book review. I really want to have another feature, like talks about bookish things, writer, etc. But until today, I do not have any idea what feature to add. Do you have any idea for me?

Spare More Special Time for My Lover. I don’t care if it sounds cheesy or maybe silly. I just think we need more talks and conversations for our new relationship. Every day we have to go to work separately and we only own very little time together. With so many difference in each other (and me for being so complicated nowadays), I think spending more time together is one of the way to beautify our relationship. 🙂

And…. It’s already May, which mean we almost get half of the year, so I think is good to looking back what I did for quarter of this year….

January: I really have to say, January is the heaviest and difficult month for me. I don’t know much about Wedding Syndrome, but I think I got it that month. It made me feel miserable, depressed, and anxious every day and night. But in January too, I got very attached to my new favorite band, 5 Seconds of Summer, and for some reason, I just wrote one book review. (suddenly, feel so ashamed again).

February: I still have anxiety about my wedding and marriage, but it slowly diminished. In February, I read two books by John Green (Looking for Alaska and Paper Towns) and watched more movie, hehehehe…

March: Wedding, of course! I am facing a new life which somehow I still don’t have any clue about it. It really scares me, you know. I used to be alone, single, and happy. Now, I have someone by my side, and sometimes I still don’t know what to do. But, there’s one thing I want you to know, fall in love again wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. 🙂

April: I’m still trying to adapt to my new life and new role. There are days when I still can’t believe that I was married (Really, because marriage was something that seems so far away from me!). There are days when I was so afraid this is just a dream. There are days I feel so insecure about everything. But, then again, even though it feels so hard, he makes me believe we can through this phase together (oooww…) :O

So, what did you do in this quarter of the year? Is there something big and exciting happen in your life? Is there any goal you have achieved?


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