C’est La Vie, Dear



Sometimes (or maybe often) people don’t wanna understand your problems. You have to face it alone and they just care about the result.

They said to you, ‘you must to…’, ‘you have to…’, ‘you ought to…’ but never want to listen what you really getting through.

C’est la vie, dear. That’s life…

People you love can unloved you, people you care about can abandon you, people you miss the most can forget you…

It’s not the life that is so unfair. But that’s the way life goes on…

You have to be independent. You have to love yourself before you love anyone. You have to care to yourself before you care to anyone.

Because, in the end, the one who will accompany you to the best and worst time in your life is yourself.

So be strong, dear. You are enough and worth it.


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