Believe Me, Natalie


“It won’t works,” she said.

“What?” I asked.

“This! This wedding! This marriage! It won’t works!” she replied.

“Why?” I asked again, felt like a fool.

“I don’t love him. I don’t want to spend my life with him. I don’t want to marry him. I don’t know what I did then!” she shrieked. She looks frustrated and tired. There are tears in her eyes.

I watched she’s crying while she’s tried her wedding dress. She looks very beautiful in that dress.

Tomorrow is her wedding day, but she’s never looks happy. She smiled of course, to her families and relatives, but I know how she is.

“Believe me, Natalie. This will work. Soon you will fall in love with him. He’s already fall in love with you, you know. And you will live happily ever after, like fairy tale you always told me,” I said whilst my fingers comb her brown hair.

She’s still crying, her body shaking. I hug her, wish I can soothe her.

I looked to her watery eyes and tell, “Believe me Natalie, this will work and you will be happy.”

“No!” and she run, left me alone.

When D-Day, I woke up early and went to Natalie’s room. I knocked her door. Usually she locked her door, but that day she didn’t.

“Natalie! Natalie!”

I found her bed is already made. Her wedding dress not seen everywhere. I thought maybe she prepared herself, so I checked her bathroom.

Locked. I called her name and knocked the door over and over, but never get reply.
“Natalie! Natalie! Please open the door!” I screamed.

Anxiety and fear washed over me. Natalie could do whatever she would do in that fucking bathroom. I tried to kick and break in. I mustered all my energy and smashed the door.

There, I found Natalie lying cold in her bathtub wearing her wedding dress. Water flooded everywhere. She drowned herself.

I felt my body stiffen.

“Natalie! Please, believe me!” I cried. I felt my heart ripped open right here right there and I couldn’t do anything.

I wonder why Natalie didn’t believe me like she usually did. I wonder if this because I never say I love her, and now everything is too late.

I felt my world go dark and I don’t want to live again.


Depok, 12 Februari 2016

This is my first flash fiction in English. Please correct me if you find any grammatical error. Thank you 🙂

*picture from here


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